At the dental practice of Dr. Butch Hutchison, our greatest goal is to help you and your family maintain bright, healthy smiles for generations to come. Our practice works hard to provide you with a positive dental experience every six months!

Big, Beautiful Smiles, Made in Texas!

  • Dr. Hutchison of Fort Worth, TX and his staff have an outstanding reputation for providing gentle, effective, and comprehensive dental care in order to help patients maintain good oral health.
  • We give our patients the attention they deserve from the moment they enter our practice, until the moment they leave. Dr. Hutchison and his team want you to smile with confidence!
  • Our practice provides a friendly, comfortable, open atmosphere, where families are always welcome!
  • Dr. Hutchison offers a variety of effective dental treatments, including our very own Six months smiles for adults, teeth cleaning, dental implants, prosthetics, cosmetic dentistry, and reconstructive dentistry.
  • Financial plans and treatment options customized for you! Smiling has never been this easy!


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Please contact our Fort Worth Dental Practice at (682) 302-0803 for a FREE first-visit consultation with Dr. Hutchison!   We look forward to sharing a smile with you and your family.

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If one slurp of hot soup sends lightning through your teeth and into your central nervous system, if sinking your teeth into the corner of your favorite ice-cream sandwich is a pleasure you gave up long ago, you have tooth sensitivity. Living a life avoiding good foods and your favorite things is easy to take for granted until the routine of biting into a crisp…

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